May all beings be free from sickness and suffering

    " Within you are atoms consisting of light substance energy & The atomic structure of your body is light.  &  The nature and essence of your being is light.  &   Your body is designed for sustaining and maximizing light. & You are the spark of light, extended within time and space. & Your reason for being is to fulfill your everlasting journey with light. &  All thinks are possible within the correct flow and use of light. &  Never dam your flow. & Give so that you may receive. & Meditate upon peace. &  Charge your being with light.& Pray, meditate, make an effort to consciously think about compassion towards others  and practice with wisdom. &    Keep a momentum of spiritual discipline daily.  &  Meditate upon your words before speaking.  & Never respond to negativity. &   Choose your friends wisely. & Practice the law of non attachment. &  Each experience is created for your growth. &  Each part of life is an extended part of creation. Choose to love all things. & Share your light with those in need. & Remember the laws of karma: cause effect, record, and memory. & Always be grateful for what you receive and never complain."

"You are enlightened from the very beginning.Enlightenment is your very nature.Enlightenment is not something that has to be achieved.Its not a goal.It is your SOURCE.Its your very energy."    Osho

      Our Gratitude to Deva Premal and Miten for sharing “OM HRAUM MITRAYA”  mantra-prayer song within our  website , to Iona and Keenan for Divine Vision and Images, to Lama Lobsang for the teachings of the Buddha and to

  you,  dear Friend,  for visiting us, for your kindness to Life

  Be blessed with Peace Forever... 

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