May all beings be free from sickness and suffering

    " Within you are atoms consisting of light substance energy & The atomic structure of your body is light.  &  The nature and essence of your being is light.  &   Your body is designed for sustaining and maximizing light. & You are the spark of light, extended within time and space. & Your reason for being is to fulfill your everlasting journey with light. &  All thinks are possible within the correct flow and use of light. &  Never dam your flow. & Give so that you may receive. & Meditate upon peace. &  Charge your being with light.& Pray, meditate, make an effort to consciously think about compassion towards others  and practice with wisdom. &    Keep a momentum of spiritual discipline daily.  &  Meditate upon your words before speaking.  & Never respond to negativity. &   Choose your friends wisely. & Practice the law of non attachment. &  Each experience is created for your growth. &  Each part of life is an extended part of creation. Choose to love all things. & Share your light with those in need. & Remember the laws of karma: cause effect, record, and memory. & Always be grateful for what you receive and never complain."