Welcome To Lotus Rays Alignment

Our Mission is to bring peace everywhere and to everyone in need. Our vision is to open doors within the heart to allow the unlimited potential to be free from self-bondage to the lesser light. Come experience the light within...Renew your Heart with Peace.

Dear “Lotus Rays Alignment “ friends,

After 11 years of serving Northbrook community “Lotus” is moving to  Studio in Glenview, IL.
From the 1st of June 2022 we will be closing our Studio and the new service cycle will start on 20th of July 2022 at Studio in Glenview.
For the period 1st of June-20th July Eli is traveling and will be working at Women's Spiritual Retreat in Greece.
All Healing Massage , Life Coaching and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Session services will be available to schedule on line at www.Lotusraysalignment.org or by phone 847-730-9973.
We Hope this new changes will bring us to new and full of Healing Light Joyful Journey together again
Eli is looking forward to see You with humble reminder:
“Light of Love shines from within. Keep shining-world is in need of Your Peaceful Presence”.